The top 10 hidden fire switch socket

      2017/01/05 3763

      1, restroom sockets to install the splash box, to avoid splashing of water such as the formation of circuit breaker.

      2, sockets were combustible dust caused by short circuit, or installed in the inflammable and explosive dangerous places, insert or takes a spark plugs, causing the explosion and fire.

      3, not timely replacement of damaged plugs, plug for use with bare head instead, causing short circuit or sparks caused by fire, combustible.

      4, some bedside switches used readily in a release, hit the bed frame or wall switch damaged by the insulation layer, the most likely cause short-circuit.

      5, flexible working voltage and current power sockets are incompatible with the use, long-term overload, high temperature will cause fires once. Mitsuo Aurora socket are 16A large current limiting, able to meet all the normal use of electricity industry and the family. Other switches are generally 10A current limiting, when family slightly large electricity power, will cause a fire.

      6, paperback or screw socket or eye socket with wire end insulation stripped. Too long, exposed part of a short-circuit; too short, poor contact of conductors, excessive contact resistance, overheating and causing a fire.

      In 7, the installation process of screw lamp holder lamp holder and the wires are twisted together, or bare wire core is overmuch, loose ends after encountered another fire caused by short circuit.

      In 8, a switch is installed incorrectly, especially the switch installed in the combustible objects, the lead source sheath being scraped, the core line of bare or penetrating water, causing a short circuit, or to switch to disconnect the arc is generated by the fire.

      In 9, distribution board not to box, fuse will have hot metal particles splashed down, the lower fuel burn.

      10, family use of combustible gas by pipeline or valve leakage, so that the combustible gas and air mixture reaches the explosion limit, open, closed no arc suppression device electrical switch, they will generate sparks, causing a fire or explosion. Mitsuo Aurora switch and application of nickel silver alloy contact and sliding board type, which not only avoids the occurrence of electric arc, but also greatly extend the service life of the switch panel. This proposal to buy the switch to buy nickel silver alloy contact, do not buy Sterling Silver, aluminum alloy, their low melting point, easy to melt, easier to produce electric arc.

      Finally, the chandelier with power line section is smaller and the use of power is too large, so that the conductors of heat and fire.

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